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Live Online Femdom Cams For All Slaves And Sissies who need to be trained By  A cRUEL mISTRESS On Cam 

Live Femdom Cams with Powerful Females who enjoy domination, humiliation and all forms of control. Chat live With cruel mean bitches who  will push your boundaries, own your orgasm  and bend the rules to get what they want from slaves, subs, losers, sissy girls and boys, crossdressers and more

We love nothing more than humiliating our sissy girls online or in person, no matter what type of little sissy bitch you are from a dirty slutty cock sucking whore to a sissy maid who is in training to be a proper lady, we have the perfect training in store for you on our live webcam sessions. For the best Mistress phone sex click here

Hundreds of online Dommes waiting to dress you up, pimp you out, teach you how to suck cock properly, stretch that ass and discuss ways for you to make money for your Mistress whether that be as a common whore selling sex or online as a webcam bitch. 

We enjoy playing with our girlies, degrading them, taking pictures and videos and adding them to sites and blogs for the world to see what a dirty little slapper you are. 

From cuckold scenario to little clitty bitches and tiny little dick losers, we have every type of femdom available to push every button to get what they need for entertainment purposes from you.

Just click on the appropriate section and start chatting online to your new pimp/owner/Mistress and see for yourself just how cruel these women can be.

They won't take no for an answer when it comes to deciding your fate, they may hire you out to other Mistresses, they may even sell you at auction. Our femdom cams section is full of these types of females all waiting to use and abuse you as bait, to make you feel like the little loser that you really are

No matter what they have in mind you can be assured of a journey you will never forget. 

So grab they panties and that baseball and a cup  to cum in for your masturbation chat and see exactly what kind of session you may experience in our live mistress cams

We are cruel Mistresses who enjoy making weak slaves and sissy girls suffer either by live domination or by cruel humiliation. Our website is full of information about all the different types of sessions you may receive in one of our femdom cams sessions. Check out the Mistress cams and start your online camslave training sessions with cruel, mean bitches with attitude who will take you down and make you feel like the useless pathetic little creep that you truly are. Ball busting cams here

No matter what type of sub you are whether it be a financial domination session to a masturbation control and chat session, you can be assured of meeting hardcore Mistresses from all over the world waiting to push every boundary you have, to test your hard limits and issue all types of jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions, kinky power exchange . 

Our sadistic dominant women know exactly what buttons to press when using you in a live cam show, they test every hard limit you have and then some. From cruel slave training to forced feminization, you can be assured you will be met with a no hole barred scenario every time. Cruel strapon play, anal invasion, ass stretching, fisting, public humiliation, these are just some of the scenarios you could be met with when in one of our webcam shows with these cruel dominas. Be prepared to never look back, to understand this is what it is now, you will be used, abused, degraded and exploited in our online sessions. 

If you are ready to explore more and learn exactly what your fate could be should you sign that slave contract and become Owned, branded and have no freedom anymore, you answer only to your live mistress in our live chat rooms. Then step inside and begin your journey into live bdsm online with kinksters who know exactly how to get what they want. You can View hundreds of Live Dominant females over at the mistress cam chat.com

Female Dominance Power Play - Femdom Cam 

Strict Mistress

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If you are a submissive male and the idea of a dominant powerful female dictating to you, ordering you around and making decisions for you, is what you crave then look no further. We have hundreds of dominant females in our domination section or live BDSM section. These are power-hungry women, who believe strongly that women should rule at all times. You little loser, weak men should follow her every word and every command, that is all you are good for. You can also check out http://mistresscamchat.com/top-200-ideas-for-erotic-degrading-humiliation/ to get ideas for humiliating your cam slave, 200 powerful ideas and methods

When you enter into the femdom cam section and meet some of the strong dominatrix females, you will quickly discover they have a craving for making men feel pathetic, they thrive on power exchange and being in control, they want to be obeyed at all times and that includes when and if you can jerk that cock, so for sessions like jerk off instructions or masturbation chat you can be assured of a very strong female who issues all sorts of discipline when giving out her list of orders to her weak submissives and sissy girls. Get ready to view the very best dominatrix cams on the internet with superb dominant cam action from superior dominas who don't give a shit about you or your pathetic little feelings losers  

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Have you wondered what power play involves? What will she do? How will she control you? Will you be Blackmailed in these types of sessions? What about if she financially ruins you? Or if she makes you become so reliant on her and addicted to her that you can not cope with your world as you once knew it? This is all part of the power exchange, her power over you, her dominance over you, even in her presence you feel weak, humiliated and pathetic. Welcome to our world where what we say goes, you jump on our every click of the finger.

You can view some Bdsm Rules - to give you an idea of how to be in a BDSM cam show

Female dominance 101 is that you will "ALWAYS OBEY YOUR MISTRESS"  This is not up for discussion, if you disobey an order she will use the information she has on you and use it against you to get what she wants, you should be an obedient servant/slave and do as she demands at all times.

So what kind of cam shows can you expect in your Bdsm Session?

Great questions, so I will list some of the more popular and most requested types of sessions our online femdoms get asked in their chat room on a daily basis to give you an idea, in case you are a novice and new to the scene or perhaps you are a seasoned player but want to try something new or test the waters with whole new experience . some of our extra kinky webcams are placed in the fetish cams section so do be sure to check that out if you are on the darker side 

  • Cock and Ball torture - Ballbusting - Electros
  • Masturbation chat - Orgasm Control - Edge play - Tease and Denial
  • Jerk off instructions- Cum Eating Instructions
  • Strapon training - Anal Stretching- fisting
  • Forced wanking, ruined orgasm
  • Humiliation sessions - Public, mental and physical humiliation
  • Fetish chats - smoking, feet, balloons
  • Forced feminization - sissy chat 
  • Blackmail  fantasy - financial domination
  • Sph - small penis humiliation
  • Fantasy roleplays
  • spanking -

These are just some of the requests and types of sessions that happen in our live webcam sessions  no matter if it is domination or humiliation, cruel BDSM or erotic BDSM, you can be assured to find an online controller, owner, goddess, queen to carry out any type of session you desire or to explore new ideas and fantasy chats with you, From leather and latex clothing, whips and hand cuffs to paddles and canes our website is wholly dedicated to bondage, discipline, sadism and maschonism

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