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Slaves who serve by using a femdom webcam site are no different and that is why the use of live discipline cams is so important. It gives an online dominatrix the chance to teach her slaves a lesson or to focus their attention on serving properly and how it should be done.

There are hundreds of live dommes who are available right now to teach you the error of your ways and to punish any wrongdoing. These are mean, sadistic bitches who demand 100% perfection and obedience and they do not suffer fools or unruly slaves gladly. Each dominatrix has a variety of different ways they can install discipline on their subs and since they also have sadistic tendencies, any slave brought before they should be afraid. Very afraid.

The most popular way for it to be dished out is via CBT (cock and ball torture). Since any males most prized assets are his junk and they are also his most sensitive areas then it stands to reason that the best way to make him suffer is by focusing on them. She can make you beat them with a wooden spoon, slap your balls hard, whip them with flex, attach multiple clothes pegs to the tender flesh, wrap shoelaces tightly around the shaft or smear chilli sauce or toothpaste on it and leave it. They will torture and abuse your dick and nuts to teach you a lesson and they will do it strictly and severely.

Another way they can discipline you is by humiliation. Nothing refocuses a slaves attention to performing better than being utterly humiliated and degraded whenever he steps out of line. For example, being forced to stand to face the wall or in the corner or being made to wear woman's underwear. Maybe she will go the whole hog and use forced fem on you and make you wear stockings, a dress and a wig.

Slaves who masturbate too much can expect severe discipline. A forced chastity scenario is in their future. Their dick locked away unable to get hard and having to beg, plead and earn every single orgasm. Certainly, the most effective way to bring a man under control anyway. Stop his Orgasms cold turkey and he will become putty in your hands and be much more obedient and loyal. She will become your online chastity keyholder quicker than you can say “please Mistress no” and you'll soon learn the error of your ways.

Of course, nothing beats a good 
old fashioned otk spanking (over the knee). This can is done via a femdom cams session for obvious reasons but that’s no excuse for you not to be spanked. She will make you lie down or get on all fours and then slap your backside hard till your hand stings and your cheeks burn bright red. Slap after slap, she will yell at you to hit harder and berate you for why you are receiving this in the first place.

 There are so many ways for a Mistress to administer discipline online it is impossible to list them all. Each slave responds differently but each dominatrix has the skill and experience to deal out swift justice to her hapless slaves.If you are a male submissive who needs brought down a peg or two, who doesn’t treat women with the respect they deserve or who still has some arrogant tendencies’ then this is the website you need

. Dozens of live dominant females just waiting to give you exactly what you deserve and to train you into being a proper slave via the use of severe punishment and discipline.

So join this site now and be on your hands and knees ready to receive your instructions.  


At some point, any male slave is going to displease his Mistress. Whether it by him not performing to her impeccably high standards or if he still has a bit of attitude and needs to be brought down a peg or two.

He is going to need his attention refocused on pleasing her. A slave's entire purpose for being is to serve his superiors and make their life better so any misdemeanour’s or issues need to be dealt with swiftly and sharply.If you are ready  to see what happens in a discipline cams session and how cam slaves are always sought after for online training then step inside the live femdom cams section and find a mistress online

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